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An after-hours employee club that allows members to enjoy a range of artistic, musical, theatrical and other similarly creative pursuits in a relaxed atmosphere within the workplace.  Members of Tyme Club can choose and book their activities online using an online booking system.


Tyme Club has been created for go-ahead companies that wish to provide employees with an outlet to pursue activities that provide a break from routine and the pressures of work.  Studies support that by taking breaks and switching off from daily routines and participating in a creative activity can increase mental and physical well being.  (click for more information)


Tyme Club is a great way for your company to demonstate its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), not only to existing and potential employees but also to clients, stakeholders and shareholders as it offers many positive benefits such as enhancing employee morale and well being and improving employee engagement.

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Your work/life balance

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A unique training system that adapts artistic, musical and similarly creative activities in order to help meet a key company internal training objective either during a training programme or an away day, or as part of post-training relaxation; reinforcing key messages in a positive and fun way.

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