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At Bilberry Bloom® we recognise the challenges of balancing the demands of a busy career whilst having quality time to pursue personal interests. We understand that when these two fundamental human requirements become unbalanced it is detrimental to both our work performance and our health.


For many the ‘always on, 24/7 lifestyle’ is not an option but an accepted way of life and this is where we can help individuals to rediscover the benefits of ‘switching-off’ for a short period of time.


We are unique in focusing on providing solutions that bring both personal benefits to individuals and for the businesses that they work for.  Our team at Bilberry Bloom® has over 50 years of collective experience within the creative industries and as entrepreneurial leaders. Our personal approach and working process, which we like to call our Bilberry Bloom Technique®, delivers a truly professional and intuitive service. Ultimately, we bring fresh and innovative ideas to enthuse and motivate your workforce.

When we do things we like, we increase levels of well-being hormones such as dopamine which make us feel happier and more contented.


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(1) “Dopamine, a catecholamine, is a major neurotransmitter in the pathway that mediates the brain reward systems and motivation…and provides positive reinforcement. The catacholamines

      are also implicated in the pathways involved in learning.”   Vander, Sherman and Luciano: Human Physiology 9th Edition. 2004. McGraw-Hill. New York.


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